Zip Zap Zoop

By | August 2, 2010




This warm-up gets our brains acting without thinking. Everyone into a circle.


This is another motion around the circle warm-up. In this warm-up one of the players points to another player to one side of them and says ‘zip’. That player turns to the next player in the circle, points to them and says ‘zip’. Thus the ‘zip’ zips around the circle in one direction. At any time a receiving player can say ‘zap’ to the person pointing at them. When they do the player that said ‘zip’ and was pointing at them must change direction of the pointing. This means that they must quickly turn around, point and say ‘zip to the person that just pointed at them. Now the ‘zip’ can zip around the circle, but changing direction every time there is a ‘zap’. Lastly the person that receives the ‘zip’ may elect to yell ‘zoop’ and point at someone anywhere in the circle. That player then restarts the ‘zip’ going in the direction of their choice. The group must really pay attention for this to work.






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