Video Tape Machine

By | August 2, 2010


VCR, forwards/reverse, non-linear editor,


The players will carry out a scene just like any other. The only difference is that someone [host, audience, off-stage player] will have a VCR controller. The controller can be used to fast forward the scene, reverse the scene, slow down the scene, or even worse.


The players are recommended to have as simple a story as possible. Everyone must listen closely for the call to alter the tape. Fast forward/reverse is usually represented by frenetic action that ends when the tape is returned to play. When the tape is on play again the scene proceeds in the in future, or repeats itself. Try to facilitate the request as best as possible, do slow motion, repeat the line over and over. Reverse is hard (but most tape players don’t have sound in reverse if you feel the need to wimp).


Eject. This usually ends the scene. Tracking problems.


Forward/reverse. This is just like a VCR except that the only directions are forward and reverse. The players must step through the actions in reverse order, and then repeat them once forward restarts. Very hard.



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