Typewriter Scene

By | August 2, 2010


Word processing, author sketch


In this scene one player will be typing out a story. As characters are introduced players will join in and act out the story. Occasionally they will add dialogue to the story.


The typist/author usually sits aside from the other players and starts to type out a story. Everyone appreciates it if the typist bothers to mime typing as she speaks. As the scene progresses the players acting out the scene share more and more with the typist that drives the scene. Ideally they will share the advancement of the story, switching from the typist to the players when she slows, and back again once the players slow.


This game is wrought with internal gimmicks. Obviously the typist can pimp the players mercilessly. If this becomes the point of the game, i.e., the story has been lost, then it is recommended to start with little pimps and up the stakes later. The typist can also stop things and rewrite scenes.


This can be played as a switch game where everyone has a chance to be a typist.



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