Space Jump

By | August 2, 2010


Ascending freeze


This game will consist of a series of different scenes. The first scene will have one player, the next will have two players, and so on. At some point in the one player scene we will yell freeze, and the next person will jump in and justify the positions and start a new scene. This will continue until all five players are in the scene. At that point the players will leave in the reverse order that they came in. As the players leave you will see all the previous scenes taking place as if time had passed, and justifying their new physical positions. Simple huh?


This is just a simple game of freeze. The twist is that you must justify the positions of several other people when you start your scene. The next twist is that you must remember where in the order your scene is. The player that started the scene (i.e., the third player in the three person scene) is responsible for reminding all the others which scene it is when the game returns to her scene. A trick is to remember the scene that follows yours. Then you will be cued that when that player leaves, your scene is next, and you will deftly remind all the other players. When the scene includes all five players, the fifth player must find some reason to exit the scene, preferably within the context of the scene. Then the fourth scene spontaneously starts, and the fourth player finds a reason to leave, and the third scene starts and so on. I have seen this work successfully with 16 people.


Backwards space jump (never seen this really)


Described above is the ascending/descending version. There is another version where the scene numbers are randomly called out and the players jump on and off as cued. When each scene returns it will be advanced in time, and the positions must be justified.



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