By | August 2, 2010


Sound effects, foley, soundstage


In this scene you, the audience, are responsible for the sounds effects in this scene. When a player walks across the stage we will need foot steps, when a door is opened we will need a door sound.


Do a normal scene. In the beginning move a bit more slowly than normal so that the audience can get the hang of what is happening. Like any other scene activity is a good thing. It is essential here. Accept the reality of the sounds, try not to comment on the nature of odd sounding doors, or sick sounding carpets.


Start to move really fast so that the audience cannot keep up with the sounds. Introduce something into the scene that has no known sound.


Sometimes a microphone is given to one player that is responsible for all the foley in a scene. This is a good idea with a really large, or destructive audience.



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