So I’ll

By | August 2, 2010


So what you are saying is.


Everyone into a circle for a very structured one sentence at a time story.


This exercise forces listening and gets players taking smaller, more logical steps with their story building. It also helps players when they draw a blank in a performance setting. The first player makes any kind of statement. For instance, “It is a lovely day out.” The next player in the line says, “WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS THAT–It is a lovely day out, SO I WILL–go for a walk.” The goal is to say the next most logical thing in the story. The next player would say “WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS THAT–I’ll go for a walk, SO I WILL–get my shoes.” The story that builds should be a logical one. It will not be a story that will win Pulitzer prizes, but it will make sense. This a great way of combating troupes that are suffering from ‘offer suffocation’ in their shows.






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