Slow Motion Samurai

By | August 2, 2010


Poison arms


This warm-up will get us feeling silly, get the blood flowing, and help get us working together. Start milling about the room.


Once everyone is milling about comfortably they are told to start moving in slow motion. Once a stable rate of speed is determined the players all become Samurai with poisonous blades built into their fore arms. The object is to kill all the other Samurai in the room. If anyone is touched by the fore arm of another player they must die a poisoned death in slow motion. It is important that players keep their speed continuous. The point is not to win the warm-up, but to have fun. If players are moving too fast and massacring everyone else simply tell them to slow down. It helps people work together. The warm-up usually ends when there is a large pile of bodies on the floor.




Players are allowed to block attacking Samurai poison fore arms with their own fore arm. The workshop can be divided into two groups, having a little feudal war.


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