Slide Show

By | August 2, 2010


Slides, frames, pictures


In slide show the players will be freezing into positions one after another while the presenter justifies each ‘slide’ and tells a story.


This game is done best with lighting cues for the position changes. Each time the lighting drops, the players on stage scramble into a new position. When the light comes up the presenter (usually just off stage miming a controller) must justify the new positions that the players have taken on. Slide show will be stronger if the presenter identifies a lead character, and resolves each slide around the lead character. Don’t be afraid to endow players in the slide as inanimate objects like trees or lamps. The players that make up the slides should keep a few things in mind. Everyone does not need to be in every slide. If the story is going in a certain direction try to continue with the story. Save the crazy positions for later in the scene, or when the scene is dying. The players need to support the presenter, and listen to the presenter. Eventually a story will be told and the slide show will end.


The players on stage can get into stranger and stranger positions. All the players can run off stage leaving a blank stage. The players can keep the same position slide after slide. The presenter can comment that a slide is in backwards or upside down, or out of focus requiring the players to accommodate the slide.


Usually this is a travel monologue with photos. Slide show could just as easily be a series of wedding photos, an instruction manual, or pictures of a birthday party.


I left this off in 1996, and I have received so much email since then I cannot credit everyone. Thanks all the same.

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