Sit, Stand, Kneel Lie Down

By | August 2, 2010


Compromising positions, positions


This scene will have four players. At no time can the players occupy the same position on the stage simultaneously. One player must be lying down, another player must be standing, and so on. If two players are occupying the same position, let them know about it.


Complete chaos is the best description of this game. All four players should get into the scene rather quickly. This helps work the gimmick, and makes things the most challenging for the players. Try to create a story. Try to justify why you have changed position. Try not to hurt yourself. Change position often, but justify the change. If you can telegraph the move to the other players the whole scene will benifit.


Force one person to maintain a position (tie them up, kill them, nail them to their chair), and then make them justify a change.


As many positions as wanted can be added. Sit, stand, kneel, lie-down, curl-up, etc.



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