Scene Three Ways

By | August 2, 2010


Once more with feeling, Play it again sam


The following scene will be repeated three times. The first time there will be a short neutral scene, the second and third scenes will be flavoured by different genres of film [get conflicting film genres]


The players must keep the first scene simple and neutral. The gimmick works best if the there is a simple clear environment, and simple clear relationships. Like any scene really. The next time the scene is played out it is flavoured with the genre of film that was chosen. What was originally a table with a pot, becomes an antigrav table with a pocket microwave. Adjusting the relationship to suit the environment is an important choice as well. Keep with the story that was originally told. The audience is watching closely, and you can guarantee that their favourite part of the story will be left out.


Scene three ways lends itself to the crossover. This is where a player that is not integral to the scene makes a single offer to the scene, but does not remain in it. The crossover is easy to tailor to each of the genres chosen.


There is no limit to the number of times that the scene can be replayed, and there is no limit to the choice of endowments for the scene: emotions, countries, vehicles, music, fabrics, body parts…



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