• Bippity Bippity Bop


    Elephant, Bunny Bunny


    Everyone into a circle with one person in the centre. This warm-up breaks the ice, gets people listening and gets the blood flowing.


    The person in the centre of the circle starts to spin madly. They rapidly count up to ten while spinning around. Once they arrive at the number ten they point to one of the people in the circle. The person pointed at sticks their arm in front of their face and dangles it like an elephant trunk. The people on either side of the “trunk person” must make the ears of the elephant. So the person on the left side uses their left arm to touch their head, and the person on the right uses their right arm to form the right ear. Yes it does look really silly. Meanwhile the dizzy person in the centre yells “Bippity Bippity Bop”. The elephant must be formed before the centre person gets to “Bop”. If the elephant does not have ears and a trunk by the time “Bop” is called then someone has to replace the person in the centre of the circle. Whichever person is responsible for the part that was not formed by the time “Bop” was yelled has to go into the centre. I.e., if the elephant has a trunk and a right ear, but no left ear then the person to the left of the trunk goes into the circle. Ties are decided by someone from the circle. This is continued until someone vomits.


    Make more complicated animals that involve several people and are not symmetrical.


    Count silently, form a bunny instead of an elephant



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