Long Form

  • Show Me That


    Show me.


    Get an ask for that will allow the beginning of an open scene.


    Sometime during the first scene one of the players must make a reference to something that has happened or is going to happen. When this happens the host will call out ‘show me that’. The players will break out the scene that they were in and jump to the scene in question. For example, if one of the players says, “you know what happened the last time you brought in the milk.” Show me that would cause the players to switch to that scene immediately. Show me that can also signal a dimming of the lights to facilitate a scene change. The is a very hard long form to maintain a connected story. If no temporal reference comes forward the host can simply call Show me that and the players will respond accordingly.




    Allow the audience to call out show me that. See the long form Meanwhile… which is quite similar.



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