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  • Modern Fairy Tale Synonyms Bed time story Introduction In this scene the players will combine a well known fairy tale with a genre of movie. [be sure to recap the fairy tale and recap the genre] Description This scene involves altering a known story with characters and genre clich├ęs from commercial film. Remember to tell the story as it was recapped. If you are combining a fairy tale and a specific film it is important to get an idea of what the film was about. If you have no idea, offer some support, background or sit back and enjoy. What makes this a useful scene is that players can introduce topics from either genre, and it is likely that they will know one or the other. Gimmicks Isn’t this gimmicky enough. Variations Combine any known story with a contrasting genre: science fiction, war movie, love story, Shakespeare, triple-X, political party, occupation, etc. Credits None Continue reading →

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