Random Exercise

Get me another one.

  • Yes And Synonyms None Introduction This exercise emphasises over accepting and supporting other players on stage. Two people up. Description In Yes And the players are constantly saying, ‘yes and’. The mechanism goes something like this. One player may start off with, “Your coat is so lovely.” The response of the other player could be, “YES AND I made it for you.” The other player responds, “YES AND I have a thousand dollars for it.” “YES AND I am going to use that money to make a hundred more coats for you.” The players must always have the ‘yes and’ at the beginning of their sentence. This seems contrived and it is. It is remarkable how much easier it is to notice players that insist on controlling the scene. They cannot bring themselves to accept the offer. The most common response is, “yes and but.” These scenes have a tendency to accelerate into the stratosphere. Gimmicks None Variations There is a version called, ‘yes but’ Credits None Continue reading →

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