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  • Gibberish Exercises
    This exercise will help us get out of worrying about what we sound like and explore accents. Everyone up in a circle.
    Once in the circle the one of the players turns to their left and greets their neighbour in a gibberish tongue. That player responds with a gibberish ‘hello’ that mimics the other player. That player turns around and greets the next in the circle and so on. Once the gibberish greeting has gone around the whole circle the gibberish gets embellished. For instance, all the gibberish could be sad gibberish, or happy gibberish, Italian gibberish, Scottish gibberish, Cantonese gibberish, Computer gibberish. The gibberish can also be used to communicate intent like, ‘used car sales’ gibberish, ‘pick up line’ gibberish. The goal is get people communicating emotions and concepts without depending on words. If going around the circle gets boring the exercise can be combined with the exercise Cross Circle to get the players moving.
    Pheromone and telepathy gibberish
    On/off gibberish is an exercise where the players switch from gibberish to their native tongue when called to do so from off stage. Translating gibberish has one person assigned to translating another’s gibberish. There is a handle called Poet’s Corner that uses this gimmick.
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