Pass Catch

By | August 2, 2010


Sounds circle


This warm-up will get the blood flowing, improve our reactions and get us feeling comfortable about being silly.


Once everyone is in the circle make sure that they have enough space to move freely without accidentally clouting each other in the head. One player in the circle throws themselves into a bizarre stance and makes a corresponding noise along with it. This gesture is made to the player to their right in the circle. That player immediately reflects back the gesture and noise, imitating the other player as best she can. Once she has done that she immediately turns around and creates a new and wonder gesture and noise to the player to her right. The process is repeated and goes around the circle for a few minutes. It is important that the players not stop to think in between the poses. The player should receive, reflect, turn and create a new pose without pause.




The player to the right can dispense with reflecting the gesture and quickly turn around and give the gesture to the player to their right. This will result in a continuous noise and shape flying around the circle at high speed. Eventually the gesture is altered. The result can be stunning. The gesture can also be thrown across the circle. This keeps players from being prepared and gets people more in the moment.



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