Paper Chase

By | August 2, 2010


Sentences, papers, order forms, scraps


During this scene the players must occasionally stop and introduce sentences that written on these little pieces of paper that are scattered all around the stage. The sentences written on here are unknown to the players, and myself. They must immediately incorporate the sentence into the scene as it is written on the page. [set up involves getting someone to write out some sentences that will be incorporated in to the scene. Getting the audience to write them out is a nice touch]


This is a scene just like any other. It is most similar to an Options scene, in that there are offers interjected throughout the scene. Don’t worry about stooping to pick up the suggestions. Make sure that you don’t spend any noticeable time looking over the sentence. It only appears that you are concocting an easy way out for yourself. Audience members really notice if their particular sentence is sidestepped around.


Blank pieces of paper. Sentences in other languages. Pictures.


Activities can be substituted for sentences.



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