Welcome to the latest incarnation of the oldest repository of improvisational comedy structures on the internet. One cannot learn improv comedy from a web page, however the list of improv structures included here will definitely help.

This website in under renovation. It will continue to be available at all times. Here is what is going on:

  • Updating posts and pages to Gutenberg on WordPress
  • Adding synonyms and variations to the list and random streams
  • Adding new warm-ups, exercises, games and ask fors
  • Updating the didactic elements
  • Correcting typing anomalies and grammar travesties

Learn Improv believes in teaching improvisation in a safe and supportive environment. The goal of this pedagogy is to become an improviser that you want to play with and to always put the audience first.

Learn Improv avoids rules and works with goals. The main goals are summed up in the following two acronyms:


  • Listen
    • with you ears, eyes, heart, brain
  • Accept
    • accept the offer as real
  • Commit
    • to your first idea, it is great
  • Expand
    • add a tiny bit


  • Setting
    • environment and mime objects
  • Ties
    • characters and relationships
  • Explore
    • “something” from setting or ties
  • Press
    • move the “something” along a story
  • Sort
    • solution not necessary

Have fun.