By | August 2, 2010


Umm er scene, shopping list, roller-coaster, what happens next?


At various points in this scene the actors will be asked to freeze. At that point we will ask you [audience] for some vital piece of information from the story. The players must immediately incorporate the suggestion into the scene.


The players simply go about the scene as they normally would. Like all freeze games it is important to hold position when the freeze is called. Attempt to incorporate the suggestion immediately into the scene. The less one thinks about it the easier it is, and the more appreciated by the audience. The goal of the players is to keep the scene sane and on track while rationalizing the distractors. The ask fors can be words, emotions, secrets, props, physical ailments, genres, etc..


Pretty gimmicky already I think.


If the audience is particularly destructive it might be worth while getting a list of suggestions that are called out by the host. This game is often called shopping list. A roller coaster is the same as a shopping list, except that all of the suggestions are along the same track: all genres, all restaurants types, all textiles, all occupations, etc. An Umm Err scene is just an option scene where the players ask for a suggestion, by pausing and saying um..err, and the audience suggests the player’s dialogue. In What Happens Next? the players are frozen and the audience is asked what happens next in the scene.



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