One Word At A Time

By | August 2, 2010


Word at a time, Sentence at a time, word at a time expert


In this scene two players will share the dialogue. Each player may only contribute one word at a time, the other player must then contribute the next word. Together they will build sentences and act out the story that they tell. [good to get an ask for that has an activity]


Knowledge of basic grammar is an asset in this scene. The two players must be really capable of sharing the dialogue. Word wars, or driving, by one player will wreck things quickly. Physically it is recommended to join together and act out the scene simultaneously. Going up the stairs together, and washing the cat together.


Bring in another character that is composed of two people.


There is really no limit to the number of people that can speak in one voice. Usually if there is more than three, the players sit down and are considered an expert of some sort. One word at a time can be exploited as a Die Game. One sentence at a time is good for story building. It is more of an exercise than a handle. Two players can build a story one sentence at a time while the other players act out the story.



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