Moving People

By | August 2, 2010


Puppets, C-1 C-2 Scene, Gumby scene, puppet master


The players in this scene will be unable to move. For some reason they must have helpers controlling there bodies to move around in the scene. The players can speak and will supply dialogue for the scene, but someone else will supply their motion. [select audience members to move the players-MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE NOT INTOXICATED]. Move the players by pushing on the body part you want to move. Don’t force their backs or necks, and be careful pulling on their clothing.


It is important for the players to get themselves an activity to do. This will force the people doing the moving to move the players. This game is such a gimmick that players often forget to set up an environment and establish a relationship.


Dancing, hugging, kissing, not being able to see things because one is not looking the right way.


One player can be responsible for moving all the players on the stage. The more players the more work.



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