By | August 2, 2010


Queen, king


We need one player on stage to act as a royal monarch. Everyone else will try to win favour with the monarch.


The monarch sits proudly on stage and is persistently approached by all of the other players in the workshop. The players approach the monarch making strong character choices and making offers to please the monarch. Offers such as “a box of chocolates for your royalness” or “a new necklace for my monarch” are common. The role of the monarch is to accept the offer and decide whether the offer was worthy of that player sitting beside the monarch in an exclusive place in her court. Other players are constantly coming forward in an attempt to gain that exclusive spot by offering better and better goodies for the monarch. An ideal monarch will not base her responses on the goodies themselves, but how well they are presented by the player. If a player offers the monarch a rock, but does it with a strong and committed character the monarch will place them at her side. Only one player may be in the monarch’s favour at any one time. Like all good royalty no commoner may touch the monarch (this keeps the monarch from getting a 10 minute massage instead of accepting new offers).




If the monarch is bested with an offer she is dies and the new player becomes the monarch. Saint Peters Gate, each player approaches Peter with a reason they should not get into heaven, and Peter finds a reason to get them into heaven. If Peter cannot find a reason to get the player into heaven he is replaced by that player. Beware of these competitive games, the improv rules of story and making everyone else on stage look good must still apply. If things get to competitive just stop the exercise.



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