Make A Song

By | August 2, 2010




One of the players (or a group of players) are going to make a song about a topic of your choosing.


This is a self explanatory handle. The player rarely has to have a brilliant voice, because the audience is very supportive of people that are willing to get up and sing. A song is expected to have musical accompaniment, if this is not possible check out madrigals and do-run-run. The common error is that people try to rhyme everything. It is a song scene not a singing scene in verse. Slow music is easier than fast music. Don’t be afraid to pause. Trust your music improviser, she can carry it for a while, and make offers herself.


Sing in gibberish, and have it translated.


Choose a song type from the audience: jazz (is free form and easy to beat to), country, do-wop, rap



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