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Gregorian chant


The players on stage are going to sing you a story based on your suggestion.


How to describe this? A sound bite may be necessary here. The first player starts to harmonize the first line of the story. After she repeats this line twice, with some harmonization, the next player harmonizes the next line in the story. The first player continues to repeat her line as a background harmony. Once the second player has repeated her line twice, the third player comes forward and adds another line in harmony to the story. The first and second players continue their own lines as background while the third player repeats her line twice. Confused yet? At this point there is player one repeating her first line as a background, player two repeating her line (different from player one’s) as a background, and player three with a brand new line. Once player three has repeated her line twice, the first player harmonizes a new line while players two and three repeat their lines as background. This cycle continues until the story is told. A madrigal is any song using an unaccompanied (no-music) voice.




Can be set up as a Gregorian chant in a monastery.



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