By | August 2, 2010


Factory scene


In this exercise the players must create the parts of an imaginary machine. Each player will enter one at a time, and offer a repetitive motion and noise to the machine. [get name of a machine]


The players should use all levels of the stage, and the exercise works best when the motions fit together into some kind of machine. Don’t do anything that you cannot physically maintain (one armed push-ups), or something that causes physical pain (dropping to your knees). The players will find that the machine they create reflects the suggestion that they were given.


It is a rather gimmicky thing, but audiences really love it (once in a while). The host can speed the machine up, and slow it down. You can also make one part/player malfunction. The machine can be destroyed by speeding up into chaos, or slowing down into a frozen heap.


This machine can be frozen and used to start a scene based on the original suggestion.



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