Last Sentence Scene

By | August 2, 2010


Last word


This will be an open scene. The only constraints on this scene will be the first sentence and the last sentence of the scene are chosen by the audience. [get a first sentence and a last sentence from the audience]


One of the actors must state the first sentence as the first words out of her mouth. Feel free to set up the environment without speaking. Don’t be afraid to build into the first sentence. The last sentence of the scene is a bit harder to manage, and it is much better appreciated by the audience. The players must remember that they have only been asked to do two things in the scene, and you are expected to do them.


Just say the two sentences and end the scene.


First and last word can be used instead. There can also be a middle sentence, or word, that must appear at any time between the first and last sentence/word.


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