Historical Scene

By | August 2, 2010




This scene will be based on some element of history, either an epoch or an event. [get the historical reference, and be absolutely sure that it is recapped].


This is a simple formatted story. In any scene where the players are given a framework to play off of the audience expects all the details to be used. In some ways it is an open scene in other ways it is very restricted. Players that are historically challenged can offer environment and support to the other players.




Often the historical scene will be acted out as described in the recap. The scene may be played out as what would have happened if a certain historical event had not happened. The scene may focus on a certain bit player, unknown to history and what she did just before or after the historic event. Epoch scenes (Roman times, Greek culture, wild west) can be combined with the present world. Historical scenes can get esoteric quickly, and it is important to let the audience know how you are going to alter the ‘scene’ as it was described.



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