By | August 2, 2010


Greetings, lost friend.


This warm up will help break the ice and get the blood moving. Everyone start to mill about the room.


The players mill about the room. At some point the workshop leader asks them all the greet each other by shaking hands. Greet one person and move on, greet another and so on. This continues for a while. Then endow each of the greetings with an element. For example, “greet each other like you are long lost friends”. You can continue to endow the greetings with elements like: ex-lovers, someone you have a crush on, someone you are afraid of, someone you love, a smelly person, etc. The greetings can be embellished with emotions like: greet everyone angrily, greet everyone happily, greet everyone like you have a secret, greet everyone like you are a Scottish Chieftain, etc. Have fun with it, and keep the greetings short and superficial.




Combine it with Cross Circle, form two lines and have the greeters meet on stage together.



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