Gregorian Chant

By | August 2, 2010


Seattle Madrigal


In the fashion of a religious chant the players will now sing you a story based on your suggestion.


This scene requires a moderate amount of practise and no singing expertise at all. Although all singing stuff sounds better if you can sing. I have chosen three players to demonstrate this scene. The first player sings a single sentence of about 8 to 10 syllables in length and repeats it twice. Player number two sings the next most logical sentence in the scene. Player one continues to repeat her line, but steps back on the volume throwing the focus to player two. The third player kicks in with her line, while players one and two continue to repeat their lines in the background. The cycle returns to player one, and she sings the next most logical line in the song while players two and three continue their lines as background. This continues until the story is told. Structurally it is easiest when the players line up and step forward to sing their part.


Players may take monk like postures


As many as their are imaginations


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