Freeze Tag

By | August 2, 2010


Clap, switch, freeze, tag


Everybody up in a line. The first two players start some shared physical activity.


At any time during the two person scene that is taking place someone calls out freeze. The two players immediately stop what they are doing and ‘freeze’ into whatever positions that they were in when the ‘freeze’ was called. The next player in the line immediately tags one of the players that is frozen on stage and assumes their exact position. For the exercise freeze, as opposed to the performance handle freeze, the player must assume the exact physical position of the player they chose to tag out. This ensures that the player was paying attention to the physical detail of the scene as opposed to just the words. They must be listening with their eyes. Once they assume the position they must start a whole new scene that justifies the position that they are in. This scene must be completely different from the preceding one. This means that they must be paying attention to the scene, so as to assure that their new scene is completely different. If the player breaks any of these rules stop the exercise and give a note. It is also a good idea to put a moratorium on those activities that can be called upon which justify any position: fighting, dancing, adhesive accidents, painting models, store mannequins etc.


Don’t call freeze and let a scene continue. This is good for catching those players that are in for the short gag.


See the handle freeze tag for all kinds of variations. It can also be good to randomly pick players from the workshop as opposed to the next person in line. This ensures that everyone is paying attention to the scene at hand.



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