Freeze Games

By | August 2, 2010


Clap, switch, tag, freeze tag


Two actors will start a scene. At any time during the scene an actor off stage can yell freeze! The actors must immediately freeze in position. The player that yelled freeze must assume the exact position of one of the actors and initiate a whole new scene starting in that position.


If we have to explain this one you have never seen or done improv (welcome of course!). The mistake that most players make is not assuming the exact position of the player clapped out. The audience notices this and the magic is lost. The best effect is had when the scene is frozen on an interesting position, so it is important to change position in the scene that you are in. Assume the new position quickly!! Sometimes simply a position change is all that is needed for the next freeze. Even though improv thought should be unedited, the following really are major freeze tag wimps: dancing, statues, fighting, Twister, Crazy glue.


Leaving someone in a compromising position and quickly freezing the scene before she can move out. As soon as the beginning of the freeze is heard assume a random bizarre position for no reason.


Blind freeze: The players line up in order of who is going to take the next position. The next player in faces the back and cannot see the scene as it is progressing. This makes it easier for some actors. Environment freeze: Once the new player has assumed the position of the tagged out player, the audience suggests an environment to base the scene on. Audience freeze: the audience is responsible for yelling freeze and not the players or the host.


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