Environment Build

By | August 2, 2010




This exercise will help us work on accepting, complementing and creating environments.


This is a silent exercise. An environment is called out at the beginning of the exercise. Each player comes on stage and mimes one object in the environment. Each following player also adds an object to the environment, but before they do so they must use each mime object previsouly created within the context of the environment. So the first player gets it each easy, but the fifth player would have to use all four of the previously mimed objects in the environment before adding hers. The exercise helps with mime, visual listening and attention to detail. Commitment is an important component of this exercise because players will often be faced with mime objects that do not make any sense to them at all. It is also informative to have the players tell what each of their objects was once the exercise is over. That way everyone can find out what each player really mimed.




Once all the players have mimed an object they start a scene using the environment that they created.


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