Entrances and Exits

By | August 2, 2010


Exits. Word Game. Walkout.


In this game each player is assigned some word that might come up in casual conversation. Whenever that word is spoken by another player in the scene they must enter or exit. If the player’s word is spoken and she is offstage, she must immediately come on-stage and justify her entrance. If her word is spoken while on-stage she must immediately exit and justify her exit. [assign words to each player]


This is a listening game. If you don’t hear your word, the audience will immediately notice. If the players notice that someone has not heard their word, they should repeat it. Each player must also remember each of the other players’ words. This scene can get quite chaotic. Remember to build a story and justify the entrances and exits. Saying your own word does not count.


Assigning someone a conjunction like: and, but or yes. This makes them blast in and out like a rubber ball. Not saying someone’s word, and putting them in a situation where they have to leave: firing them, kicking them out the house, or leaving them in a burning room. Repeating someone’s word rapidly giving them no choice, but to ping pong in and out of the scene.





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