Endowment Scenes

By | August 2, 2010


Repair shop, Crime endowment, home late scene, Santa scene, who am I?


In this scene we will ask a player to leave the stage. The player offstage has committed a crime. She is willing to confess to the crime, however she cannot remember what the crime is. If her interrogators can let her know what the crime is she will confess. Ask for [unusual crime, unrelated device, location]. When the criminal is close to getting the crime you-all (audience), must ooh-aah to let her know. When she gets a part of the crime clap. If she confesses to the crime completely go wild.


The chosen introduction is for a crime endowment. The first note is really to the host introducing the scene. It is essential that the game be explained properly to the audience. If the audience doesn’t give ooh-aah getting close feedback then the confessor will most likely be lost. The detectives getting the confession must stick to the order of their clues (crime, item, location), and not advance until the actor properly confesses. The detectives will have a lot more fun if they keep to subtle clues in the beginning of the scene, saving the obvious ones for when things are getting slow. The confessor should try and maintain a story within the confession. Giving reasons for the actions. There are ample opportunities for crossovers to help out the detectives.


If the confessor gets the clues too early she may play stupid, and draw out the game.


The crime endowment was explained above. The home late scene is identical except that a youngster is explaining to her adults why she has come home so late. The host can get any items she wants, although the confessor (person being endowed) has to know the order of the items. The Santa scene is usually Santa Claus trying to tell a child what she wants for Christmas (usually one item). The repair shop is where some poor soul is returning a broken device, and they have no idea what it is. Who am I? gets an actor to deduce what famous person that she is. The possibilities are endless.



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