Endowment Party

By | August 2, 2010


Party labels, back stabbing scene, multiple endowments, reading between the spines, word on the back


Each player in this scene will be assigned an emotion. The emotion is kept secret from the each player, but it will be taped to her back on a large piece of paper. It is up to the other players in the scene to get the player to express the emotion on her back. The game is over when all players have expressed their emotion. [send all players out and write down some emotions].


The players should subtlety nudge the player into expressing the emotion written on her back. This is one instance where it is good to occasionally turn your back to the audience, reminding them of the emotion that has been assigned to you.


Playing dumb is the most common pimp of this game. Pretending that one doesn’t know their emotion when they have picked up on it long ago. Also setting up characters in positions that cause them grief once they realize their assigned emotion. Like getting someone with a fear of heights to start washing the windows.


There are the standard endowment variations that exist: emotions, animals, clichés, political parties, genres, famous people, long words. The situation need not be a party either, the scene could take place at work, school, in prison, with the same goals in mind. In word on the back the players must get each other to say a word that is taped onto their back.



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