Emotional Symphony

By | August 2, 2010




Five players in a line facing the audience.


Each of the players is assigned an emotion by the leader or host. The emotions should cover a full range. For example, anger, happy, sad, smug, frustrated, etc. Try to avoid having too many similar emotion types. Ensure that the players understand the emotions assigned to them.

When the leader points to a player she must express the emotion that she was endowed with. The intensity of the emotion is determined by the height of the leader’s arm. So if the leader is pointing at the player’s feet she will express a very low key anger. If the leader’s hand is pointing over the player’s head her anger will be 11/10 rage. The leader then conducts the emotions of the players like a symphony.

The players typically do not use words to express their emotion. They use noises and physical gestures. There are variations where the player is endowed with a word as well as an emotion, and they express their joy through the assigned word. The intensity of the emotion is still determined by the host or leader.

As an exercise this is a pure exploration of emotions. These emotions can be subdued or over the top depending on how they player is conducted.


  • Conduct two players at once.
  • Alternate high and low on one player rapidly.


  • Madrigal



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