Emotional Symphony

By | August 2, 2010




This exercise will help us explore emotions. Could we get five people in a line.


Five of the players are lined up in a performance fashion. One person is chosen to conduct the players in the symphony. Each player is endowed with some emotion. It is good to get a range of contrasting emotions for the players to use. Once each player is given their emotion the conductor points from one player to another. The players do not speak, but express their emotions through physicalization and noise. The intensity of the emotion is increased as the conductor raises her hand while pointing at the player. The conductor moves from player to player conducting an emotional symphony.


Point at two players at once.


This exercise is fun, and does have some performance value. A way to make it closer to the audience is to ask for names from the audience, and get the players to speak only that name, tainted with the emotion that they were endowed with.



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