Emotional Boundaries

By | August 2, 2010


Emotional zones, mood-scape


In this scene the stage will be divided into three zones. Each zone will be designated with a particular emotion, as the players move about on the stage they must adopt the emotion of the zone that they are in.


The introduction pretty much explains the game. It is important that the players use the entire stage to explore each of the emotional areas. The transitions are best done crisply as the player crosses the boundary. The host setting the scene up should make sure that the emotions are contrasting and simple.


Rapidly crossing the stage and altering every word in the sentence with the emotion. Straddling the boundary and combining emotions.


Obviously there can be more than three zones, and emotions can be assigned to furniture and props. There are genre variations where each zone is assigned a type of entertainment. Again the common list of categories can apply to the zones: emotions, genres, animals, professions, political parties.



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