Dubbing Games

By | August 2, 2010


Voice over game


In this scene there will be two actors offstage and two actors on-stage. Actor A’s (on-stage) voice will be supplied by actor B (offstage) and actor C’s (on-stage) voice will be supplied by actor D (offstage). However the actor’s supplying the voices (B and D) will not be able to see what the other two actors (A and C) are doing


The actors supplying the voices must make distinctly different voices. It is also important that the actors that are being dubbed move their mouths like they are speaking when the dubbers are talking. It is important to have an activity and to justify what is being said through activity.


The moving actors should make large obvious physical choices that they must justify when their dubber makes a contradicting statement. A chainsaw becomes an ax, a hug becomes a punch and so on.


Straight dubbing: the dubbing players can watch the actors. Cross dubbing: the two actors on stage dub each other’s words (very hard). Three-way dubbing: actor one dubs actor two and actor two dubs actor three and actor three dubs actor one.


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