Die Game

By | August 2, 2010


Make a story, Pointer, Directed story, Conducted Story


In this game all the players on stage will be telling a story. Each player is responsible for the story while the director is pointing at them. When the director switches from one player to another, the other player must pick up the story without stuttering, repeating words, or making grammatical errors. If any of the players makes such an error the audience should yell DIE!!


There is not too much more to add beyond the introduction. The players should tell a story through action, and not waste time having the character thinking about things. The director should change from player to player slowly at first, allowing a sensical story to build. As the game goes on she can switch from one player to another faster and faster.


Breaking off the player in mid-word. Pointing at two players simultaneously.


Elimination Die: Each player that makes a mistake is eliminated until only one player is left. Theatrical Die: After making a mistake the player acts out a death on stage. Make a story: Same thing with no die or elimination. Genre Story: Each player is given a different genre and continues to tell the same story through that genre. Genre story can be emotional story, appliance story, occupation story, etc.



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