Day In the Life

By | August 2, 2010


This is your day.


In this scene we need an audience volunteer to tell us all about a day in their life.


The host must be nice to the audience member. Nothing will alienate the entire audience quicker than hacking on a volunteer! Try to get a real day that happened to the person. Even a mundane day will certainly be embellished by the cast. If there is time it is also good to get a brief description of what the audience member is like. Usually a one word description will be good enough. The actors in the scene simply portray all the points that were made by the audience member in their scene. It is important to include them all. The audience is listening. It is also nice to make the audience member the hero (or at least a good person) in the scene.


Make the single word description the complete character.


The actors can pick up the story where the audience member’s story has left off.



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