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Leaving the Couch

By | August 2, 2010

Synonyms Sofa Introduction This exercise focuses on non-verbal listening and getting in synch. Let’s get four players sitting on the couch. Description Once the players are sitting on the couch one of them begins a repetitive activity. In the beginning this could be a subtle hand tapping combined with a quiet noise. The other players… Read More »


By | August 2, 2010

Synonyms Walkies Introduction This warm-up helps to build trust in the group members. Everyone get into a large circle. Description Someone is chosen to get into the middle of the circle. They simply close their eyes and start to walk in any direction. The spotters on the outside of the circle redirect the walker as… Read More »


By | August 2, 2010

Synonyms None Introduction Everyone get into a circle. Now put your hands on the shoulder of the person in front of you. Description Simply a shoulder massage exercise. You have to judge the group if anything more involved is appropriate. Encourage the massagees to let the massagers know how they are doing. Turn the line… Read More »