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Write On Right

By | February 7, 2019

Writing is a kind of spiritual practise. It requires you to be in the moment that you are writing. If you are embarrassed by what you wrote in the past you are not in the moment. If you are worried about what you are going to write next then yo are not in the moment.… Read More »


By | January 31, 2019

Learn Improv is an old web site. It contains all kinds of things that were appropriate in the last millennium. Some structures are dangerous. Some structures are racist. Some structures are insensitive. I have decided to purge these anachronisms from the random and list streams of Learn Improv.

Updating the LACE Update

By | January 29, 2019

Writing is hard. I have always known it is hard. The rhythm that I have developed for the 25th Anniversary update is to move between structures and pedagogy. What this means is I am alternating between adding structures and editing the learning part of learn improv. Some improv structures are just plain odd and and… Read More »