Blind Stalker

By | August 2, 2010


Screamers, haunted house, vampyre game


This warm-up builds trust amongst workshoppers and helps break the ice. We need four people on each wall, and everyone else milling about in the center of the room.


The people on the outside are spotters. Ideally there will be more than four spotters. Remember safety first. The people that are milling about in the centre of the room close their eyes and are asked to keep their hands at their sides. They continue to move about slowly bumping into each other with their eyes closed and being safely redirected towards the centre of the room by the spotters. This activity continues for a while once the milling group manages to remain quiet. Then one of the people with their eyes closed is selected as a vampyre. The vampyre will blindly mill about the room. When the vampyre encounters another player she will grab her by the wrist. The players are informed that if they are grabbed by the wrist they yell out a scream, open their eyes and move to being a spotter. This continues until there are no players left in the center.


The spotters can make spooky noises as the vampyre gets close, don’t pick a vampyre and let them wander for hours.


No vampyre–some groups are so intense that just closing their eyes is enough of a trust builder, let alone being touched by someone; Healer–the players touched by a vampyre become vampyres, if two vampyres touch they heal themselves to being none vampyres.



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