Arms Expert

By | August 2, 2010


Prosthesis Scene, Bionic Expert


In this scene actor A will talk and supply the body for the character while player B will supply the arms for the same character.


Actor A stands with her arms at her side while player B pushes her arms through the armpits of actor A. Ideally the players will be chosen for appropriateness of size. It is ideal if the arm supplying player can hide behind the talking player. The two go about the scene usually in the form of a question answer session with the audience. The talking player is left to justify the actions of the hands that she has no control over.


Usually come from the arms player, she can make bizarre and inexplicable gestures, or contradictory gestures, or obscene self meandering while the talking player tries to maintain the reality. The interviewer can also make life challenging for the two actors by asking for something from the player’s pocket, getting her to adjust articles of clothing. Doing push ups would be the ultimate pimp for this handle.


Arms and legs expert (you have to be close for this one), one player per arm, reversed one player per arm (i.e., a left arm on the right side and vice versa) this looks really odd.



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