Animal Characters

By | August 2, 2010


Zoo scene, creature characters, character endowments


Each player in this scene will take on the traits of some kind of animal chosen by the audience. The actors do not pretend to be the given animal, but act like person would if they were that kind of animal.


Once the actors are each assigned an animal type the scene starts like any other. The animal types are used to give the actors character and activity to embellish the scene with. The actors should be somewhat subtle with the endowment. For example, if one is endowed with a cat personality it would be obvious to go meow, but more fun to play with your meal like a cat plays with its prey. The scenes are just normal scenes otherwise.




The type of characteristic can be varied: automobiles, kitchen appliances, emotions, movie genres, political causes. The handle can become a game when the actors are given the endowments secretly and the audience must guess it, or the each of the other actors must guess the endowment.



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