Alphabet Game

By | August 2, 2010


Alphabet Soup, A-B-C Game, Pre-School Game.


In this game the actors must start each sentence of dialogue with a new letter from the alphabet. For example the first sentence must start with A, and the second sentence must start with B and so on…


The actors must build a scene within 26 starts. Most places allow for the more than one sentence to follow the first sentence. When this is done it is important that actors really punch the word that starts with the letter. Activity is important as it allows the scene to progress independent of words. This game ceases to be a challenge rapidly.


Automatopeia (sound effects instead of words) Dingle-dingle for D.


Starting at Z and ending at A. Starting and ending at some random letter from the audience. Using a box of alphabet cookies to randomly pull letters up and start sentences with those (eating the cookies is optional).



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