Can I get a download of the entire site?

Sorry I can’t do that. The guys at humanpinpongball.com have a great site that can be downloaded. It is not that don’t agree with it fully (see the legal section), it is just that I don’t have the time. I still love you, I just don’t have the time.

How much do you make running learnimprov.com?

Learn improv is entirely a labour of love. Everyone working on it is a volunteer. Any funds that come our way simply offset the expense of hosting such a site.

Short form sucks you jerk.

I love you, but I just don’t have the time to listen. All improv rocks. Short form and long form have the same job of entertaining the audience. The only thing that doesn’t have to entertain the audience is narcissistic self referential wanking. This site is devoted to how best to make people laugh in the audience. Short or long doesn’t matter it’s the size of your audience’s laugh that matters.

When are you going to verify my ingenious new handle?

I still love you, I just don’t have time. The process for adding new games and exercises is highly moderated. I have a prominent librarian gene and a recessive graphic design gene. It takes me time to fit it into the schema. You may think it is game, but I may think it is an exercise. The most common reason someone’s structure doesn’t get validated is because it already exists under a different name. If the email you validated with does not reach you, then my calls for clarification will not be heard, and most likely the structure will sit in limbo.

Who are the people in the pictures?

The pictures were taken by myself or my digital camera between 1997 and 2005. They represent a cross section of the Staircase Improv hardcores that helped create The Staircase and were subjected to my learnimprov.com teachings.

Why do you need my email to sign up?

So I can sell your email address to the penis extension mass emailers you cranky wanky. Jamie chose to use email so that we could verify that you are not a bot that wants to spam the site with adverts about selling viagara.

You guys didn’t invent that game, I did!

Thanks for the info. We here at learnimprov.com and staircase improv have actually invented quite a few improv structures and show formats, but certainly not a large fraction. If you can offer historical credit to structures listed here please help us out.