Pimped Musical




What is something that you would like to see a musical about?


The pimped musical is very similar to the handle Musical. The difference is that there is more dialogue between the songs and there should be a structure to the musical. The musical director is the accompanist. The players and the accompanist must have some mechanism of communicating when a song is going to start. Players can signal an impending song by taking a step forward, changing the cadence dialogue, or simply saying that they are going to sing a song. For the accompanist she must be able to differentiate for the players whether she is doing background music or she is pimping a song. It is crucial that the accompanist be a skilled improviser in every fashion that improv has to offer. The songs must be discrete within the dialogue. A pimped musical will typically have a song from each character, songs describing the plights of the protagonist and antagonist. The musical must also end with a chorus line, fireworks, and choir.




Sing me that, is a version of a musical where the audience can call out sing me that and a song must seemlessly start about that topic in question. Musical styles can be written down by the audience and kept in a bin beside the accompanist.