Chain Murder Endowments

By | August 2, 2010


Serial Killer, gibbering death


In this scene there will be a series of murders committed. The murders will be committed in a particular place, by a particular person with a particular device. First we will send three actors offstage (where they cannot hear what is happening up here). [get a place, person, thing] Now the first actor must relay these three things to the second actor, and the second actor must relay these things to the third actor and so on. This will all be done in gibberish.


The intro for this game is really important. If the audience does not know what is going on it will just appear completely bizarre. Remember to leave at least one player on-stage to hear the three things otherwise the chain cannot begin. The actors must maintain the order of person-place-thing, or they are toast. It is also good to have some signal that one doesn’t understand what is going on. When the device is identified it is standard is to be killed off by the device, signifying the entrance of the next player. Once it is over the audience loves a recap of what each player thought they had perceived.


This is the most gimmicky game there is.


Some places put a 90 second time limit per actor.


Lyle Moon of Sak Gerry McAteer of VTSL

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